9 Of The Best Places To Buy Fake Flowers Online That Actually Look Real (2024)

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A vase of fresh flowers is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of nature and bring some color to your space, especially if you work from home or don’t often have the opportunity to take walks in the park. Taking care of them however is a whole different ball game. Fresh flowers are moody, delicate things that need precise care, water and sun—bad news for anyone who lacks a green thumb (looking at mine as I type this). Plus, buying fresh bouquets regularly can quickly get expensive.

Thankfully, artificial flowers exist, and they’re awesome. Since they require absolutely no maintenance, there’s no chance of them ever dying or wilting on your watch—which basically means that you don’t need to worry about ever replacing them either. They’ll look fresh and lively all year round. While faux flowers used to have a bad rap for looking too fake or plastic, that’s no longer the case. These days they’re specially designed to look incredibly authentic and real. You can opt for ones made from fabric and iron wire or go for dried and preserved blooms for an extra level of realism. Ready to swap finicky, expensive florals for ones that last a lot longer? Below, we’ve rounded up the best sites to find artificial or dried flowers that’ll give your fresh ones a run for their money.


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Terrain: Dried Blooms With Class And Beauty

Terrain Preserved Blue Poppy Bouquet

Terrain offers a wide range of beautiful dried stems and preserved bouquets that’ll add spring-like vibes to your home even in the dead of winter. Its wildflower arrangements are particularly artful, like this blue poppy, quail brush and larkspur arrangement. The brand also offers a lovely range of pots, vases and baskets to pair with your blooms.

Etsy: The Best For Customization And Affordability

HBotanicsWeddings Dried Eucalyptus & Wildflower Bridal Bouquet

Etsy is a goldmine for finding fake flowers and bouquet arrangements that are affordable and look incredibly authentic. Plus, the options available are usually handmade, and you’d be supporting small businesses, too. The site also allows you to work directly with the seller to make custom bouquets that match your decor or special event. This one in particular says “bridal” but who says you need to be married to enjoy a lovely bouquet of colorful blooms?

Afloral: Fake Flowers Fit For Fairytales

Afloral Dried Echinops Globe Thistle

Afloral has one of the best collection of artificial and dried flowers we’ve seen yet. The brand’s arrangements are the type that can give your home the aura of a fairytale castle or sun-soaked cottage in an idyllic English village. The dried and preserved flowers are sourced from small farms that practice sustainable farming, allowing them to have a low environmental impact, so you can feel good about supporting the brand. These echinops in particular are perfect for winter, and with their cool blue-violet shade you can pay homage to Pantone’s 2022 color of the year, Very Peri.

West Elm: Refined And Sophisticated Blooms

West Elm Faux Ginkgo Branch

West Elm offers an extensive collection of faux florals in a wide range of color options and styles. For instance, a ginkgo branch that looks as real as this one will transport you straight to an avenue lined with pretty golden gingko trees—without the notoriously bad scent, of course. Some ginkgo trees can live to be over 1,500 years old, but since this one is fake, it just might outlive them (and us).

Anthropologie: Trendy And Modern

Anthropologie Gather Dried Bouquet

The popular decor store is known for its tasteful home and kitchen items, but it also stocks a rather lovely range of artificial and dried blooms. Whether you’re looking for an all-white arrangement or a dusty pink bunch of dried pampas grass, you’re sure to find it at Anthro. We’re particularly loving this dried bouquet in moody winter colors that’s perfect for displaying on a coffee table or bookshelf.

FreshCut Paper: A Unique Look And Concept

FreshCut Paper Sunflowers

FreshCut Paper has a rather different concept than most of the brands featured in this story. Rather than dried or conventional artificial flowers, this company designs bright and whimsical 3D pop-up flower bouquets that stand on their own. The paper blooms are a sweet and unique way to add a cheerful splash of color to your room without having to care for real flowers or worry about them wilting. Plus, for every purchase, the brand plants a tree in your honor.

Nearly Natural: For Unusual Arrangements


Nearly Natural Magnolia Candelabrum Silk Flower Arrangement

Nearly Natural is especially good for distinct and unusual artificial flower arrangements that’ll stand out. A good example is this magnolia silk flower bouquet, arranged in the shape of a candelabrum. With its blooms, leaves and berries arranged around a candle holder, it makes for a striking centerpiece. Don’t let the shape fool you though—the brand still does its very best to ensure the flowers look as natural as can be.

Crate & Barrel: Zen And Elegance

Crate & Barrel Artificial White Cherry Blossom Flower Branch

You don’t need to travel to Japan to see cherry blossoms when you have Crate & Barrel’s offering of these elegant white faux flowers. A cherry blossom branch like this one ensures the feel of spring year-round in your home. The white blossoms also add a zen touch to whatever bouquet you include it in.

Michaels: The Go-To For Countless Options

Michaels White Peruvian Lily Bundle

Michaels is a popular shop for fake flower arrangements, and for good reason. Its collection is, by far, almost endless, with pages of options you can scroll through. The flowers are all good quality too, making it incredibly easy to find something you like. And a classic Peruvian lily bouquet like this one will give your space a breezy and romantic feel.


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The Paper Store

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9 Of The Best Places To Buy Fake Flowers Online That Actually Look Real (2024)
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