Commonly used professional watch repair tools - Knowledge (2024)

Apr 13, 2024

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Thirty years ago, men had three treasures: a high-end lighter, a stylish watch, and a delicate razor. Now it is also believed that the three treasures are: belts, shoes, watches. It shows the importance of a watch for men. Now wearing a watch is one of the most popular ways of fashion, but also one of the ways of showing status symbols. In long-term use, the watch will inevitably be damaged, then you need to send the watch to a professional maintenance organization for repair. Repairing watches is a fine technical work, which needs to use a lot of professional tools, Hanyu watches is a professional watch repair center, covering the various categories of watch tools and watch accessories required for the maintenance of thousands of products, each product structure can reflect excellent performance and quality. As a watch lover, stock up on these tools in case you need them someday

Commonly used professional watch repair tools - Knowledge (1)

1 Watch opener
The rear end is equipped with a rotary button to adjust the size of the watch, adjust the opener to the appropriate size of the watch, press and rotate to the left, you can open the back cover, the best use with the watch fixed seat is more convenient
2 Magnifying glass
Because the watch parts are high-precision instruments, each component must be seen through a magnifying glass. Usually need to prepare 3 to 12 times of different magnification magnifying glasses, low multiples are used for parts disassembly, high multiples are used to adjust the spring, check whether the pendulum shaft tenon skew or very small parts.
3 Remove the bottom cover knife
It is mainly used to open the back cover of the watch. Hold the watch firmly to avoid slipping and cutting the back cover, and press the bottom cover knife into the back cover edge opening to pull it up. There is a shorter knife at the other end of the bottom cover knife, which can be used for belt removal of the belt watch.
4 Wind ball is also called blowing dust ball
It's used to remove dust from parts. Usage: Just hold and press a number of times.
5 Screwdriver
There are different sizes, when used, it must be perpendicular to the machine plate, and the size of the screw should be compared first, and the appropriate size should be selected, so as not to damage the screw cap or accidentally slip and scratch the machine plate. There are different combinations of 10, 9 and bulk respectively, and a spare blade is attached. As long as the screw fixing hole on the screwdriver is loosened, the blade can be replaced. Each knife has a color to distinguish the size, and the number on the outside ring of the knife seat represents the diameter of the knife.
6 Double-ended fork
Tool for mounting the belt strap
7 mm needle nose pliers
This tool is very familiar, whether it is the watch disassembly or installation of many places are needed to use millimeter needle-nose pliers.
8 Brush with oil pan to remove stains
The brush is used to scrub parts when washing oil, and can be dried after use. The oil tray is used to hold the parts that need to be washed, add the oil to the tray, and then clean the parts with a brush
9 Movement fixed base.
Because of the different sizes of men's and women's watch movements, there are two sizes of the table, which is used to fix the movement and facilitate disassembly.
10 Watch oil
According to the different parts used, there are many kinds of oil, 8200 clock oil (heavy oil), 8300 spring oil, 9010/2 advanced oil, 8000 general oil
11 Oil Pen
With watch oil, there is an oil pen, according to the thickness of different, there are 4 different kinds of oil pens, each oil has a special special oil pen, can not be mixed into other oil when used, otherwise the oil is easy to deteriorate. In addition to these four oil pens, there is also an automatic oil pen.
12 oil box
Of course, the oil box is also essential, mainly used to install different parts of the oil
13 Of course, there are many other watch repair tools such as thimble head, punch needle, watch calibrator........

The above are just some common watch repair tools, there are many other Swiss imported original watch repair tools, Hanyu watch is Hunan world famous watch repair center, committed to professional watch after-sales service, business covers the sale of watches and accessories, repair, maintenance, is the watch expert around you.


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Commonly used professional watch repair tools - Knowledge (2024)
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