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Sale priceFrom €82,95

Green Light Artificial Flower Bouquet

Sale priceFrom €161,95

Artificial Pink Classic Peony

Sale priceFrom €17,95

Rose Above It Artificial Flower Bouquet

Sale priceFrom €214,95

Artificial Blush Pink Rose Bud

Sale priceFrom €13,95

Gathered Greens Artificial Flower Bouquet

Sale priceFrom €209,95

Artificial Blush Pink Tea Rose

Sale priceFrom €17,95

Blossoming Artificial Flower Bouquet

Sale priceFrom €209,95

Artificial Blush Pink Classic Peony

Sale priceFrom €17,95

Artificial Eucalyptus Spray

Sale priceFrom €14,95

Artificial White Large Rose

Sale priceFrom €18,95

Artificial Green Ficus Leaves

Sale priceFrom €10,95

Artificial White Classic Peony

Sale priceFrom €17,95

Artificial Green Skimmia

Sale priceFrom €14,95

Artificial White Tall Magnolia

Sale priceFrom €26,95

Artificial Green Pittosporum Leaves

Sale priceFrom €17,95

Artificial White Short Magnolia

Sale priceFrom €16,95

Artificial Green Dried Hydrangea

Sale priceFrom €21,95

Artificial White Open Tulip

Sale priceFrom €14,95

Artificial Green Tall Eucalyptus

Sale priceFrom €13,95

Artificial White Hydrangea (various heights)

Sale priceFrom €17,95

Artificial Green Ranunculus

Sale priceFrom €14,95

Artificial White Tulip

Sale priceFrom €14,95

Green Artificial Succulent Plants with Pot

Sale price€46,95

Artificial Burgundy English Rose

Sale priceFrom €21,95

Artificial White Tea Rose

Sale priceFrom €17,95

Artificial Burgundy Eucalyptus

Sale priceFrom €12,95

Artificial Blueberry Spray

Sale priceFrom €17,95

Artificial Burgundy Peony

Sale priceFrom €17,95

Artificial Black Succulent Aeonium with Pot

Sale price€44,95

Artificial Brown Willow Branch

Sale priceFrom €10,95

Artificial White Snapdragon

Sale priceFrom €8,95

your questions answered

Artificial flowers really require very little maintenance but we have a few tips to keep your faux flowers looking 'fresh'!

Monthly, use your hairdryer on a cool setting to blow away any dust that may have settled on your silk flowers. This is especially true for white artificial flowers as dust can cause marks not visible on darker colours. Any marks you do find on your artificial flowers can be removed with a damp cloth or baby wipe. Delicate silk flowers such as ourfaux tulips, artificial lilies and magnolia require a more gentle touch but a baby wipe should still help to remove the stain.

The same is true for artificial plants – keep them dust free to make them look perfect for years to come.

It is also important to keep your artificial flower vase sparkling! Remove your artificial flowers from their vase regularly, wipe it clean and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

YES! Trimming your faux flowers to fit your vase is one of the best ways to make your fake flowers look real. The centre of each artificial flower stem contains a wire and so we recommend using wire cutters to cut through easily. However if these aren't available, a strong pair of scissors should do the trick!

One tip, if you are having trouble, is to cut through the plastic coating of the artificial flower stem with your scissors and make a small nick in the wire. Bend the wire back andforth which will help to weaken the wire and ultimately break it.

Read ourblogfor other tips on how to make your artificial flowers look real!

With caution! This is a great way to fool your guests into thinking your faux flowers are fresh!However, we would only ever advise placing artificial flower stems in water for short periods, a maximum of 24 hours. Leaving your silk flowers in water for long periods may cause discolouration and we would recommend allowing the stems to fully dry out after each time they are in water.

Yes we certainly do! You can explore our extensive collection of luxurious vases here. Many of our artificial flower bouquets come with a vase recommendation. If you would like any advice on selecting a vase for your fake flowers you can read our top tips on our blog or contact us at hello@thefauxflowercompany.com Almost all of our vases are suitable for fresh flowers as well as faux!

Each of your silk flowers will be lovingly selected and each bunch of artificial flowers tied with our gorgeous ribbon. Your faux flowers and artificial plants will be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in one of our cardboard boxes, ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed! Tall artificial flower stems may be bent to make them fit inside your box securely and are simply straightened again.

Each of our artificial flower bouquets is made to order and they will arrive tied together with the stems trimmed to one length. If you have purchased your artificial flower arrangement with a vase, it will be cut to the correct length to fit the vase perfectly. Once you are happy with your artificial arrangement, you may choose to untie it if you prefer (untied bouquets are non-returnable). Our bunches arrive as single stems, ready for you to arrange.

If your silk flowers are a gift the invoice will be omitted from your order.

Whilst our faux flowers arenot specifically designed to be outside (as theyhavenot been tested to be photo stable) several of our retail and trade customers use our artificial flowers and artificial plants outdoors very successfully.

Things to consider are that dark coloured fake flowers won't show dirt as easily however over timethey made fade from the sun, whilst the opposite is true for white faux flowers. The materials used for our artificial berries and faux foliage tend to tolerate outdoor conditionsthe best.

Standard shipping within the UK is FREE for orders over £90 and typically takes 2-4 working days. We do offer UK Express shipping which is next working day (if ordered before noon). See more details on our shipping rates here.

Yes! We ship almost everywhere globally! International delivery starts at£18 depending on distance. This service typically takes around 7-14 working days depending on your region. Estimated shipping is shown at checkout.

Our Best Selling Artificial Flowers (2024)
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