The Best Artificial Plants That Look Real | Nearly Natural (2024)

Real plants come with lots of work and disadvantages like withering and dying. Realistic faux plants offer you all of the aesthetic benefits (and more) of real plants but without the upkeep. Where do you start when you’re choosing the best realistic fake plants for your home?

This is our ultimate guide to choosing “real” fake plants to decorate your spaces. Your sense of style and interior design will dictate which realistic faux plants are best for your home. At Nearly Natural, we have options for everyone.

Why Choose Realistic Faux Plants?

Before we dive into our best picks for “real” fake plants for your home, we must discuss the elephant in the room. You might be wondering, “Why shouldn’t I just buy real flowers and trees?”

Faux plants come with numerous benefits that real plants just can’t provide. For instance, they’re both maintenance-free and versatile, allowing you to get the exact look you’re going for without sacrificing your time and energy. Also great for parents, those with busy lifestyles and more.

No Planting, Watering, or Sunlight Necessary

With realistic fake plants, you never have to worry about how much sunlight they’re getting or what soil they’re growing in. We curate the best, most realistic fake plants that don't require any upkeep or maintenance.

Customization and Versatile Decor

Faux plants offer more versatility than real plants that have special requirements to thrive. This means you can customize your home decor and aesthetic much more easily with realistic fake plants.

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For example, you may not be able to place certain real trees in a room without natural sunlight. If you opt for a Nearly Natural indoor tree, you can place it anywhere you want.

Lifelike Appearance

Our hyper-realistic silk flowers and trees mimic nature’s finest creations. We curate flowers and trees at different stages of maturity to create a more natural appearance. Some of our flower vases even come with liquid illusion, making it look like you’ve placed them in real water.

Cheaper Over Time

“Real” fake plants save you lots of money in the long run. You don’t have to keep repurchasing new seeds, planters, soil, or other accommodations that live plants require. Instead, you can keep our artificial plants for years without worries of fading, breakage, or other problems.

Weather-Resistant Hanging Plants: Curate Your Perfect Outdoor Spaces

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Hanging plants have been a staple in classic American gardens, patios, and outdoor living spaces for decades. If you want the gorgeous aesthetic of outdoor hanging plants without the upkeep, these are our best picks for you.

Lush Greenery

Are you going for a totally green outdoor space? If so, choose from our hanging baskets full of lush greenery that make for wonderful outdoor realistic fake plants.

Some of our best hanging greenery includes:

  • 22” Artificial Large Boston Fern Hanging Basket
  • 13” Leather Fern Hanging Basket with Moss (Set of 2)
  • 30” Pothos Hanging Bush (Set of 3)
  • Philodendron Hanging Basket

These realistic faux plants can hang inside or outside your home to create the perfect green space for you and your family. Visitors will be in awe of your home’s earthy aesthetic with these hanging plants.

Pops of Color

Green overload isn’t for everyone. If you want a more feminine or floral atmosphere in your outdoor spaces, consider our floral hanging baskets.

Choose from our wide selection:

  • 28” Bougainvillea Hanging Bush Artificial Plant (Set of 2)
  • Bougainvillea Hanging Basket Silk Plant
  • Morning Glory Hanging Basket Silk Plant
  • Geranium Hanging Basket Silk Plant
  • Begonia Hanging Basket

Some of our hanging plants come in different colors, enabling you to customize your outdoor spaces as you see fit. Many of these would make for great additions to your sunroom or mudroom as well.

Gorgeous Faux Flower Arrangements

Our silk flowers have a lifelike appearance and soft texture. These qualities make them perfect for your indoor decor, no matter your style. Complete with liquid illusion, our clear vase arrangements make you seem like a plant aficionado — without requiring any real work.

Best Indoor Silk Flower Arrangements

You can place our silk flowers on tables, nightstands, end tables, and patio furniture for a sleek, beautiful aesthetic. We have an incredibly wide selection of silk flowers, with color and flower type options for everyone’s taste.

Here are some of our most beautiful realistic faux flowers:

  • Artificial Magnolia Arrangement with Vase
  • Artificial Blooming Hydrangea in Vase
  • Rose Arrangement with Vase
  • Lily Arrangement with Vase
  • Mixed Peony with Glass Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

We recommend mixing and matching your Nearly Natural flower arrangements according to the color scheme of each room in your home. You can find everything you need in our diverse catalog.

Fake Floor Plants: Trees and Bushes

The Best Artificial Plants That Look Real | Nearly Natural (3)

Our faux floor plants are realistic and can be used to decorate indoors and outdoors. You get to choose which heights, leaf types, and colors work best in your home.

Large Floor Trees and Bushes

Whether you’re adorning your entryway or making your indoor living space more inviting, our large floor trees and bushes are the way to go. These realistic fake plants add character and charm to your home without distracting from other decor.

Some of our larger floor arrangements include:

  • Corn Stalk Dracaena Silk Plant
  • 3’ Cedar Bush (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • 6’ Dracaena Silk Plant
  • 5’ Dieffenbachia Silk Plant
  • 6’ Cycas Artificial Tree (Indoor/Outdoor)

These taller faux plants will make great statement pieces inside and outside your home. Our smaller silk flowers and trees complement the larger pieces stunningly.

Small and Subtle Floor Plants

Are you looking for shorter floor pieces? No problem! Our more subtle floor trees and bushes add to your home’s decor without overwhelming the eye.

The Best Artificial Plants That Look Real | Nearly Natural (4)

Choose from our best small floor plant picks:

  • 38” Sansevieria Artificial Plant
  • Areca Palm with Vase Silk Plant
  • Agave with Black Planter
  • 26” Spathiphyllum Artificial Plant
  • 3’ Zamioculcas Artificial Plant

These smaller floor pieces can go in corners, by your doorway, or in any other nook of your home. Some people even place them on their mantles for a classic look.

Spruce Up Your Home With Our Realistic Faux Plants

At Nearly Natural, we take quality assurance seriously. We provide lifelike faux plants to people everywhere, and your home could be next. Shop our wide selection of realistic fake plants today.

The Best Artificial Plants That Look Real | Nearly Natural (2024)
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